Lateral associate attorney cover letter

In previous positions as a Lateral Attorney, I have demonstrated an ability to thoroughly assist with case preparations. I possess strong oral and written communications abilities with a proven track record of meeting deadlines while taking care of a lot of the legwork involved with gathering information, securing witnesses and checking facts. With a true passion for the many rewarding challenges available in the legal profession, I feel I could be a valuable addition to your firm. I have a commitment to my work that includes developing mutually beneficial relationships within the community, working well under pressure and maintaining meticulous quality standards.

Lateral associate attorney cover letter

Mar 5, at 6: Following the publication of my initial columnI received scores of emails from polite job-seekers with specific questions about their current employment situations.

While I am not able to reply to all of the notes, I can offer some guidance to assist the majority of these job-seekers. Biglaw firms tend to avoid hiring candidates who have Lateral associate attorney cover letter off of the traditional path to Biglaw firm employment.

If you want to work in Biglaw, get a job in Biglaw during your 2L summer. If this is not possible because you did not land a job in Biglaw or you have already graduatedget a job at a small- or medium-sized private firm in the exact practice area that you hope to work in when you make the jump after a few years to Biglaw.

Clerkships are fine, but law firm experience in your desired practice area is the ideal. Also, of great importance, you MUST do well in all courses related to your practice area of choice.

If you received a C in Securities Regulation, it will be a hard sell to land a job as a securities lawyer at a large firm. What are some other factors that will make the recruitment committee uncomfortable?

Post-law-school advanced degrees in non-law-related subjects, joint law degrees in subjects that are not directly relevant to your practice area of choice, public interest law jobs, and periods of unemployment are troublesome.

They make the candidate seem unfocused or flaky or, worse still, not competitive. In other words, identify your desired practice area and get experience in that area, at a firm of any size, even if you need to work for free for a period of time.

Any other career choices give the hiring committee a reason to doubt your focus and, as such, you will not be given serious consideration. I appreciate that there are plenty of new attorneys who are not able to get experience in their desired practice area.

This advice may be controversial, but I recommend that if this is the case, and if you aspire to work in Biglaw, you must select a different practice area to pursue namely, one that is available to you early in your career.

Biglaw partners love to believe that litigators have wanted to litigate since childhood; they do not respond well to candidates who, after three years as a patent attorney, decide that they now wish to do litigation unless it is patent-related litigation.

In other words, partners are suspicious of anyone who does not start down one path and remain on said path. While this advice may seem rigid, please consider the matter from the vantage point of the recruitment committee.

Here is a sampling of the cover letters that we receive: At this time, I am really trying to decide how I will share my legal genius with the world, and, if you want to get on this bandwagon early, which I strongly advise, let me know what you can offer me and when hypothetically, of course you would want me to start.

I am currently a tax associate at [firm] with four years of experience undertaking the following types of [tax-related] matters: Only the fourth applicant will get put forward to the hiring committee members.

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Because, unlike the other applicants, he or she is building a case for him or herself to be hired for an identifiable role; he or she is in effect arguing that the job opening should belong to them.

This individual has convincing support for his or her argument. A letter longer than two paragraphs will not be read. Those applicants sending a letter of interest for a summer associate position can write an even shorter letter.

We understand why you are applying and that, at this stage of your legal career, your interests are not fully refined.

Lateral associate attorney cover letter

The cover letter is in many respects a formality. No one has ever been hired because he or she wrote an amazing cover letter.

Many people have been rejected because they submitted a poorly written cover letter. The truth is that the cover letter may not be read until an applicant is sitting in front of his or her interviewer.Your lateral cover letter should always explain why you are looking for a new position.

Firms always want to know why an experienced attorney is on the job market, and if that information is. of a cover letter is to explain to the employer why you are sending your resume, an effective cover letter should stress your skills and experience and persuade an employer to interview you.

Lateral associate attorney cover letter

Although cover letters reflect the unique styles and circumstances of the individuals who write them. A cover letter is essentially a written elevator pitch, a second opportunity during which you can sell your combination of education, skills, and experience.

And that is what a document which is essentially the ultimate self-marketing device should do: Sell. You. COVER LETTER GUIDELINES. The main guidelines for writing cover letters is similar to the resume writing pattern.

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