Ict access coursework

Information technology is the technology used to store, manipulate, distribute or create information.

Ict access coursework

Computer based versus Other digital devices Blended versus Fully online Some of these approaches are explained below: Synchronous E-learning In Synchronous e-learning, communication occurs at the same time between individuals and information is accessed instantly.

It is characterized by real time, simultaneous and two way communication. This is commonly supported by media such as Video Conferencing, Virtual Classrooms and Chat sessions. The most familiar form of synchronous electronic communication Ict access coursework real time two way text-based online chat, which is widely used in e-learning.

More sophisticated forms of synchronous instruction include virtual classrooms, which use information and communication technologies to mimic a traditional classroom environment.

This may involve video-conferencing or the use of shared electronic whiteboards, which allow learning materials to be created and modified in real time, either by the instructor or the learners. Learners and Teachers experience synchronous e-learning as more social and avoid frustration by asking and answering questions in real time.

Synchronous sessions help e-learners feel like participants rather than isolates. Asynchronous E-learning As you are familiar with the use of e-mail which is also a two way communication, here the flexibility is that the sender and receiver of the message need not be online at the same time. You can check your e-mail at your convenient time.

Thus Asynchronous means you need not be online at the same time. This Asynchronous E-learning is commonly facilitated by media such as e-mail and discussion boards, supports work relations among learners and with teachers, even when participants cannot be online at the same time.

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It is thus a key component of flexible learning. Asynchronous instruction allows participants to control their own timetables and fit learning around their other commitments. This is a major bonus, especially for adult learners.

Asynchronous e-learning makes it possible for learners to log on to an e-learning environment at any time and download documents or send messages to teachers or peers.

Students may spend more time refining their contributions, which are generally considered more thoughtful compared to synchronous communication.

Many of the technologies used in asynchronous e-learning also permit two way communication between learners and instructors, or multi-directional, collaborative communication among learners themselves.

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In blended learning e-learning is being combined with traditional classroom methods and independent study to create a new, hybrid teaching methodology. Many use terms like hybrid, mixed, or integrative to describe the same trend. In a blended-learning course, for example, students might attend a class taught by a teacher in a traditional classroom setting, while also independently completing online components of the course outside of the classroom.

In this case, in-class time may be either replaced or supplemented by online learning experiences, and students would learn about the same topics online as they do in class—i.

Ict access coursework

Students can prepare for, consolidate and recall classroom experiences online, while gaining the benefits of interaction with teachers and students via an actual or virtual classroom.

Student learning and retention rates improve without sacrificing the convenience, cost-effectiveness and customization of self-paced Web-based coursework. Individualized e-learning refers to situations where an individual learner is accessing learning resources such as a database or course content offline or online via an Intranet or the Internet.

A typical example of this is a learner studying alone or conducting some research on the Internet, local network or using a CD or DVD. In group-based e-learning refers to situations where groups of learners are working together in real time or with time delay via an Intranet or the Internet.

It may include text-based conferencing, online discussion forum, electronic mailing, and one or two-way audio and videoconferencing.Important: You may need to amend your Edexcel Online access to allow you to submit coursework marks regardbouddhiste.com do this your exams officer will need to go into your Edexcel Online account and under ‘profiles’ tick the box next to ‘Coursework and Portfolio’.

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Page 4 Using a countdown timer Andrew Field Current use in ICT This large, resizable clock is an ideal tool to remind students how long they have for a particular task. OCR G Exemplar Coursework OCR Exemplar Coursework.

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In addition, staff can make changes to certain aspects of it, which. Art and Design ; AS NEA component 1 - portfolio (all AS options) AS NEA component 2 - externally-set assignment (all AS options) A-level NEA component 1 - personal investigation (all A-level options).

Information Technology, Its Impact on Society and Its Future