Gujarat earthquake

The border district of Kachchh, which bore the brunt of the fury, was almost completely destroyed, with the urban areas of Bhuj the district headquartersAnjar, Bhachau and Rapar suffering the maximum devastation. The quake, said to be the second strongest in the last fifty years in any part of India, measured 6. Mild tremors were also felt in Kolkata, Shillong, Agartala and Nepal. The epicenter of the earthquake of January 26 is.

Gujarat earthquake

It had a moment magnitude of M w 7.

9 Facts About Gujarat Earthquake 2001

No strong ground motion records are available for this earthquake, barring PGA values recorded on structural response recorders at thirteen sites. In this paper, synthetic ground motions are generated at surface level using the stochastic finite-fault method. Available PGA data from thirteen stations are used to validate the synthetic ground motions.

The validated methodology is extended to various sites in Gujarat. Response spectra of synthetic ground motions are compared with the Gujarat earthquake spectra based on the seismic zonation given in the Indian seismic code of practice. Ground motion characteristics such as peak ground acceleration, peak ground velocity, frequency content, significant duration, and energy content of the ground motions are analyzed.

Response spectra of ground motions for towns situated in the highest zone, seismic zone 5, exceeded the prescribed spectral acceleration of 0. The response spectra for towns in seismic zone 5 exhibit peaks in the low period ranges, indicating high vulnerability of low rise structures designed as per the provisions of the Indian seismic code of practice.

The response spectra for towns situated in seismic zone 3 were considerably lower than the prescribed maximum spectral acceleration of 0. The substantial damage reported in towns situated in seismic zone 3 is due to poor construction practices and non-compliance with provisions of seismic design standards.

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Gujarat earthquake

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OM Namo Bhagavate Krishnanandaya! As you already know, Gujarat and Saurashtra have been struck with devastating earthquake tragedy. Though the changes as reflected by the benefit monitoring study is impressive, what really can be counted, as the most important change is the approach and attitude of government and people towards.

Extensive oozes have been reported from the affected areas. On the basis of preliminary rye estimates, the severity of the quake and its devastation can be judged . Gujarat Earthquake, Around in the morning on India's 52nd Republic Day -- January 26, , a powerful earthquake measuring on the Richter scale struck Gujarat.

The cause of the Gujarat earthquake on Jan. 26, was stress from the Indian plate pushing north into the Eurasian plate.

Gujarat earthquake

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, this quake was a complex earthquake, involving a small event followed by the larger and more destructive earthquakes two seconds later.

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