Cardiovascular dynamics

Cardiovascular Systems Dynamics Cardiovascular Systems Dynamics and the Etiology of Hypertension Hypertension, recognized as the most important risk factor for mortality and morbidity worldwide, disposes individuals to heart failure, kidney disease, stroke, and dementia.

Cardiovascular dynamics

In addition, apparatus and methods have been proposed for analyzing arterial stiffness that employ the fact that the aforementioned pressure-volume characteristic and degree of arteriosclerosis indicate high correlation as may be seen in FIGS.

As explained above, in order to obtain the pulse wave amplitude pattern, it is necessary to detect the components of the overlapping pulse waves that are manifest in cuff pressure when the pressure from an occluding cuff on a living organism's body surface that has been inflated to apply pressure to the body surface is gradually released.

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However, at the time the components of the pulse waves are detected, there are cases when arch factor and fluctuation of breathing during blood pressure measurement make it Cardiovascular dynamics to obtain a precise pulse wave amplitude pattern corresponding with Cardiovascular dynamics mechanical characteristics of the artery and cardiac function.

In particular, when data analysis is performed automatically by computerized apparatus, since a method for eliminating the noise Cardiovascular dynamics included in the pulse wave amplitude series have yet to be established, there is a problem in that an objective determination cannot be made.

In addition, since it is unclear as to what extent the arterial pressure-volume characteristic can be estimated from the shape of the pulse wave amplitude pattern, and furthermore, since there is no clear standard regarding the portion of the shape of the pulse wave amplitude pattern to be employed for extracting a cardiovascular dynamics index, in the case that analysis is conducted by computer, mistaken assessments can result and the accuracy of the index that indicates the degree of arterial stiffness can suffer a decline depending upon the shape of the obtained pattern shape.

Another object is to offer an apparatus that increase the accuracy of the obtainable cardiovascular dynamics index.

Taking into account the situation described above, the cardiovascular dynamics evaluation apparatus of the present invention provides: Since the present invention matches at least one portion of the pulse wave amplitude pattern that includes the envelope curve of the pulse wave amplitudes with a polyangular general pattern and identifies the shape of at least one portion of the pulse wave amplitude pattern according to polyangular shapes, the effect of noise can be reduced by the fact that the profile of the shape of the pulse wave amplitude pattern can be extracted as a whole within the pattern matching range.

In addition, since the profile of the pulse wave amplitude pattern is expressed as polyangular general patterns, the pattern matching method is versatile, can flexibly respond to many kinds of pulse wave amplitude pattern shapes, and can derive a highly accurate cardiovascular dynamics index that possesses a high degree of accuracy in comparison with traditional methods, which derive a cardiovascular dynamics index based on points of information drawn from the pulse wave amplitudes.

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Furthermore, since the present invention employs a limited number of polyangular general pattern shapes, derivation of a cardiovascular dynamics index based on matching of general patterns can be conducted with ease. Here, a cuff can be employed to apply pressure on the body surface as a means for applying external pressure to the artery, but with the present invention, any mechanism may be used as long it can apply external pressure on the artery.


For example, a pressure-applying belt may be used, which can apply external pressure on the artery by constricting the circumference of the arm. In addition, the means of pulse wave detection is not limited to detection with a pressure sensor that detects cuff pressure but may consist of a pressure sensor set installed on the body surface.

Furthermore, the general patterns may be formed so that matching can be performed with either the entirety or a portion of the pulse wave amplitude pattern. The polyangular general patterns are fundamental structures of pattern shapes for matching with pulse wave amplitude patterns; for example, they may be general shapes with a determined number of angles as with triangles, quadrangles, pentagons, trapezoids, or they may consist of conditions the angle of the area between adjacent areas, the range of the adjacent areas, or the degree of parallelism of non-adjacent areas in addition to number of angles as is the case with a combined triangle and quadrangle.

Since the general patterns are not limited for instance to perfect triangles or trapezoids but may express all of these cases, there is complete degree of freedom in the shape of their patterns.


Moreover, when pattern matching is performed on the entirety of the pulse wave amplitude pattern, a multiple number of polyangular patterns such as Fundamental Patterns A through E indicated in FIG. For example, a pentagon general pattern can be employed in the case of fundamental pattern A through C.

Furthermore, when pattern matching is performed on a portion of the pulse wave amplitude pattern, an extremely simple few angles shape such as a triangle or trapezoid can also be employed as a general pattern.

In addition, the cardiovascular dynamics evaluation apparatus based on the present invention provides as its salient features: Since the present invention matches a general pattern with the upper part of the pulse wave amplitude pattern by setting a lower limit on the pulse wave amplitude values of the pulse wave amplitude pattern, it is possible to calculate a cardiovascular dynamics index that objectively indicates the mechanical characteristics of the artery, and in particular, the elastic characteristic of the intima and tunica media, by extracting the profile of the shape revealed by the maximum pulse amplitude value or values.

In this cardiovascular dynamics evaluation apparatus, a cuff in other words an inflatable arm band 18 for applying pressure to the artery of a living body, a pressure detection device 11 composed of a diaphragm pressure meter, a distortion sensor, and other means for detecting cuff pressure, a constant-speed release means 16 composed of a pressure reducing valve, flow controller valve, and other means for venting air in cuff 18, and a compression means 17 composed of a compression pump and other means for applying pressure inside cuff 18, are connected to each other through piping 15 consisting of flexibility tubes.

Pressure detection device 11 detects the internal pressure of cuff 18 in other words cuff pressure and outputs detection signal cuff pressure Pc to pressure detection circuit Here, pressure detection device 11 and pressure detection circuit 12 compose pressure detection means 26 that is one part of the pulse wave detection means.Exercise 5 Cardiovascular Dynamics by navydoc24 | EXERCISE 5 Cardiovascular Dynamics O B J E C T I V E S 1.

Cardiovascular dynamics

To understand the relationships among blood flow, pressure gradient, and resistance 2. To define resistance and describe the main factors affecting resistance 3. The UW Cardiovascular Fluid Dynamics Laboratory focuses its research on fluid dynamics analysis of physiological and pathological flows using a combination of medical imaging, additive manufacturing, and computational fluid dynamics.

Welcome to CV Dynamics, Inc. CARDIOVASCULAR CONTRACT SERVICES. CV Dynamics, Inc., provides contract services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies requiring pre-clinical, efficacy, and safety testing of drugs and devices that impact the cardiovascular system.

Cardiovascular dynamics evaluation apparatus according to claim 6, further comprising a pattern determination means for deriving said general pattern matched shape or a precision index of said cardiovascular dynamics index based on areas where said pattern portion and said general pattern matched shape do not overlap.

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The Cardiovascular Dynamics and Biomolecular Transport Laboratory studies the role of fluid mechanics and transport processes in physiological and pathophysiological functions of the cardiovascular system.

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